Playworks One launched

Playworks has launched a consultancy and support service, dedicated to helping those who run childcare settings to ensure their operations run smoothly and successfully.

Playworks One provides focused support, designed specifically for those setting up and running childcare settings. Each service has been designed by the Playworks team, based on their own hard-won experience setting up school clubs in south Wales, as Playworks grew from a single after school club, to an organisation that helps many childcare settings to run effectively and successfully.

The Playworks One support services is arranged under four key areas:

Playworks One Software

Designed specifically for childcare settings, the package includes everything a childcare settings manager will need to set up and run a childcare setting easily and efficiently. Manage staffing, accreditation, attendance, communication with parents and administration of finances, all in one secure, web-based system. More details in the downloadable brochure.

Playworks One Consultancy

An advisory service that allows you to choose advice in up to four support areas – CSSIW compliance, personnel, training and running a childcare setting. Download the brochure.

Playworks One Accounts and Book Keeping

A service that takes care of vital financial functions, allowing childcare setting managers to spend their time with children and parents, running their club. Download the brochure.

Playworks One Payroll and PAYE Returns

A support service that takes care of the important business of managing salaries, payroll, tax and National Insurance deductions. Download the brochure.