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Club Facilities

Currently, the majority of our clubs offer After-School or Breakfast care, however we’re expanding our services to offer you more. Full details for each club can be found here

There is an increase in demand for additional pre-school and Wrap Around clubs that allow parents time to begin and end their working day when they choose. Playworks understands this demand and is seeking to help by expanding resources and facilities at our clubs.

As a Not for Profit organisation we carefully consider the sustainability of additional facilities.  careful consideration is taken to ensure that our clubs are providing care for stable and predictable numbers of children. That helps to keep costs down and provides parents with essential security in terms of the longevity of the provision of services.

We are examining expansion and are keen to help more families balance their lives better. Please take a look at the facilities we currently offer and do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how Playworks could help you by offering more.

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