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Managing Clubs

Playworks Club Managers are passionate, committed people of immense ability. Taking responsibility for ensuring the success of our Childcare settings, day in and day out, is a demanding and responsible job. The rewards, however, are equally substantial.

Above all, our onsite Playworks Club Managers care. They care about your child, care about the staff they manage and care about maintaining a high standard of service for families, schools and the community. We provide the very best training and support for them, both prior to their appointment and afterwards. All Playworks Club Managers are qualified to a minimum of Level 3 in Childcare and are highly valued by our organisation for their exceptional skills, dedication and complete understanding of what it means to be looking after young children. They are also open minded and receptive people who will value your feedback and strive to improve our services.

Playworks is always looking out for the right individuals to take on the demands and responsibilities entailed in running a Club, with full support via our consultancy, Playworks One.

If that individual could be you, please contact us on 02920 864 780